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Revolutionising the Valuation Industry Across New Zealand

Our story began over a decade ago in Australia. We set out to solve the challenges that everyone was facing in the valuation industry – slow turn times, a shortage of valuers, and an ever-changing market. By uniting a team of valuers across New Zealand and equipping them with world-class valuation technology, we unlocked a revolutionary solution for the industry. Today, our people, our technology, and our processes continue to give us an edge in the industry. 

Our People

Our valuers provide unmatched local knowledge, services, and expertise in a wide range of property types in a broad range of areas.

Our Technology

Our technology enhances the valuation process for everyone involved with customisable, automated workflows and centralised systems to access, manage, and deliver your reports.

Our Process

We integrate innovation into every step of our process from ordering a valuation to receiving your final report. Our seamless valuation experience combines the human expertise of our local valuers and the efficiency of our technology.