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When it comes to valuing your residential property, expert knowledge of the variable residential real estate market is critical. Whether you’re purchasing or selling a house yourself, securing a loan on behalf of your client, or settling a property dispute – we have the local knowledge and expertise to help you navigate the nuanced real estate market. We focus on discovering the true value of residential properties by leveraging our advanced technology, people, and valuation processes.

Our Coverage

Our valuers provide unmatched local knowledge, services, and expertise in a wide range of property types in a broad range of areas.

Our Technology

Our technology enhances the valuation process for everyone involved with customisable, automated workflows and centralised systems to access, manage, and deliver your reports.

Our Process

We integrate innovation into every step of our process from ordering a valuation to receiving your final report. Our seamless valuation experience combines the human expertise of our valuers and the efficiency of our technology.

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Richard Vaughan

Regional Director

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Associate Director

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Gary Brunsdon

Registered Valuer

James Clark

Registered Valuer

John Hickey

Registered Valuer

Kate Tubberty

Registered Valuer

Kurt Brunsdon

Registered Valuer

Leeane Gregory

Registered Valuer

Michael Dempsey

Registered Valuer

Ming Zhao

Registered Valuer

Nick Westerkamp

Registered Valuer

Sasha Peters

Senior Registered Valuer

Simon-Peter Finlay

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Steven Flexman

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Tim McCabe

Registered Valuer

Tyson Gedge

Registered Valuer