Opteon CEO Leads Group to Business Merger

Opteon chief executive officer Chris Knight has successfully led the Opteon group of companies to form a new integrated business model with agreements completed on February 28, 2017. This is a significant achievement for the group of Opteon companies who have been working towards this for some years in an industry that has seen amalgamation over recent times with more to follow.

“These changes are made with our clients front of mind to assist our company to meet the demands of current and future business environments. It will enable us to provide more streamlined and consistent outcomes for our clients, culminating in the successful delivery of the Opteon Vision” said Chris Knight.

Speaking in Sydney today Knight added “Structurally, our new business model positions us extremely well for a more holistic and dynamic future; and positions the Opteon brand well to evolve to greater recognition in providing cost efficient services and innovative products for our clients. We have advised our clients they will be working with one group and their response has been overwhelmingly positive.”

The new Opteon business model consists of companies merged into a single business entity with others having agreed upon terms of a new franchise agreement. There has been unanimous support to move the business forward from all stakeholders so that Opteon is well poised to take the group forward with confidence. Chairman Michael Renshaw has bolstered the skills and experience of the Opteon board by adding new independent members to ensure that the board has the experience to advise on governance, growth and M&A transactions.

Knight has created a senior management team to support the new business structure for growth and client delivery across the banking sector, and across all business verticals that require valuation and property advisory services. Opteon will make key senior appointments in the coming months that will include a Chief Information Officer, Head of Residential and Head of Commercial.

With the merger now completed, Opteon is focused on business growth to expand the business to become a data driven company and provide software solutions to its clients including the residential, commercial and government sectors. M&A activity will continue to focus on property services businesses that will align with the existing operations. More recently Opteon have acquired two New Zealand businesses Landmass and Sheldons, and discussions with further potential target partner companies are already underway.