Spotlight on: Joe Holmes

Joe Holmes is an experienced rating and taxing valuer, who oversees Opteon’s Government & Advisory team of 20+ in Auckland and supports the surrounding regions.

Joe is passionate about rating and taxing as a valuation specialty because of the diversity it offers. “Rating valuations are a relatively underexposed sector of the valuation industry in New Zealand and deserves highlighting. Territorial Authorities require every property within their respective district to be valued and as a result, we find ourselves valuing everything from residential dwellings to childcare, shopping centres to industrial estates. No day is ever the same,” he said. Joe has even valued several airports, which involves a multitude of components ranging from the tarmac and terminals to warehouses and 5-star hotels.

Since joining Opteon in 2022, Joe has enjoyed working with its technology, including Valor – Opteon’s solution for local government rating and taxing systems in New Zealand. “With Valor, we hold a web-based centralised database which offers transparency for all stakeholders. We have the ability to model valuations supported by evidence that promotes quality data inputs to provide robust mass valuations to our clients”. Joe also likes being part of an international business that has strong local teams and community connections.

Joe’s appreciation of the international insights Opteon offers is reflected in his own experiences. While he has always focused on ratings and taxing work, he originally qualified and worked as a certified practising valuer in Melbourne before returning to Auckland in 2021.

Outside of work, Joe’s life in Auckland is quite different to the one he led in Melbourne. Instead of playing golf, fishing and socialising, he’s now more likely to be at the zoo or local playgrounds with his two young sons in tow. It will be interesting to see if his boys become sporty like their dad, who, as a 17 year-old, earned a US scholarship to play football in Massachusetts. While Joe may not have gone on to play in the Premier League like some of his team mates did, football’s loss was the valuation world’s gain.

Joe HolmesJoe Holmes
Regional Director
+64 21 229 7601


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