Opteon expands further In United States

Opteon has acquired U.S. appraisal firm Valucentric.

Valucentric provides residential and commercial valuation services throughout the United States. They have also built an internal education system called Valucentric University. This industry-leading training program is dedicated to building the next generation of appraisers.

The latest acquisition is part of Opteon’s significant growth in the region. Earlier in 2021, Opteon announced the acquisition of the appraisal firm The William Fall Group (WFG) and its related brands, Valuation Partners and Summit Valuation Solutions. This followed Opteon’s move into the U.S market in 2019, when they acquired appraisal management company Apex Appraisal Service which manages property valuations across all 50 states and has since rebranded to Opteon.

Given Opteon’s success in New Zealand and Australia, Group CEO Chris Knight has relocated to the U.S. to support Opteon’s strategy implementation and impact positive change in the industry.

For more than ten years, Opteon has empowered valuers in New Zealand and Australia by providing them with cutting-edge systems and data. Their proprietary software simplifies the valuation process, enabling the rapid delivery of valuation reports and advice.

Opteon has invested heavily into the development of its customised valuation technology, which is currently being re-engineered for the American market and will soon be in the hands of the Valucentric team for testing.

“Valucentric is the ideal company to implement our technology,” said Knight. “Like Opteon, they are forward-thinking and innovative. Their aligned vision combined with their efficient valuation process perfectly suits our needs.”

“Unifying our business under the Opteon brand clearly defines our relationship and shared goals,“ Knight says.