1004D Final Inspections Delivered Straight From the Field

Revolutionary Technology Enables 1004D Final Inspections on the Go

Opteon uses Jaro's cutting-edge technology to transform the real estate sector by offering our appraisers a more efficient way to deliver final inspections right from the field. Opteon Staff Appraisers can now provide the 1004D report instantaneously during the inspection, saving valuable time and resources.

Thanks to Jaro's pioneering technology, the 1004D report to the customer remains the same, but the delivery is much faster. With the increasing demand for final inspections due to new construction, Opteon's 1004D report can help you close deals faster.

  • Industry-leading Jaro technology
  • Instant reports from inspection to delivery
  • Eliminates 1.22 days from standard process
  • 200+ National Staff Appraisers
  • Release to Opteon's 16,000+ panel appraisers by end of the year
  • Speed to close starts NOW

How It Works

Creating the Future of Valuation Technology

We aim to be the most technologically advanced appraisal management company in the industry – which is why we partnered with Jaro to bring on their suite of appraisal technology. 

JaroInspect is the industry's only compliant software that can generate a 1004D inspection from the field. All other offerings in the market require third party software and desk work to complete the inspection.

Through our innovation and technology, we’ve created world-class tech infrastructure that’s designed to deliver two-day turn times on orders. Our cutting-edge software enables:

  • Intelligent and customizable workflows
  • Detailed reporting and tracking
  • Underwriting tools
  • 200+ AI quality control checks
  • Lightning-fast processing and smart features
  • Help with CFPF and other compliance reporting
  • The leading order search function in the industry

Opteon 1004D Final Inspections

Same-Day Turn Times

Our best-in-class appraisal process and strong appraiser relationships minimizes the occurrence of late appraisals.

Client Experience Managers

We provide dedicated client experience managers to ensure every experience with us goes smoothly.

Jaro Technology

We utilize Jaro technology to streamline and automate the appraisal process where we can – making appraisals more efficient and faster than ever.

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