Property Valuation and Legal Appraisal Services

Explore our Leading Edge Valuation Solutions for Homeowners, Lenders, Real Estate Agents, Investment Firms, and more. 

Residential Appraisal Services

Determine the true value of any residential property and close more deals with our accurate, fast, and high-quality residential appraisal services that lead to more loans secured and deals closed for lenders and brokers.

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Commercial Appraisal Services

We perform complex appraisals across a variety of commercial property types including office, retail, subdivisions, and so much more. Including property valuation and appraisal, consulting, risk and compliance analysis, and property and transaction tax.


Legal Appraisal Services

Work with our team to execute property appraisals for family law and legal matters. We act with the utmost professionalism, speed, and accuracy to deliver property assessments to accountants, attorneys, and private parties. Our appraisal services support a variety of legal needs including divorce, bankruptcy, estate, trust, inheritance, and litigation assistance.


Consumer Appraisals

Whether you are estate planning, protecting your real estate investment, or seeking litigation assistance, Opteon provides a more efficient and convenient way to order various private party appraisals online. Private part appraisals include legal disputes, pre-listing valuations, and appraisals for homeowners.


Alternative Products

Opteon stays ahead of the game by providing innovative, customized valuations for clients. Wall Street firms, REITs, investment companies, regional banks, credit unions, and servicers are choosing Opteon for their exceptional valuation needs. We offer faster and more cost-effective alternative valuations compared to traditional appraisals.


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Services Designed to Meet Your Lending Needs

For our lender partners, our mission is to help you close more loans, faster, by empowering our valuation experts with technology. We offer revolutionary valuation services that break the mold of traditional and inefficient processes. Our services integrate our world-class technology that provides drastically faster turn times and our strong network of staff appraisers, panel appraisers, and high-qualified real estate professionals to serve markets across the US.

Why work with us?

Our People

We have 200+ staff appraisers that provide consistent and fast reports through our technology and a robust panel of eligible real estate professionals to provide extensive coverage from metro to rural areas across the nation.

Our Technology

Our technology enhances the valuation process with platforms that enable detailed reporting and tracking, 200+ AI and human quality control checks, and faster turn times.

Our Process

We integrate innovation into every step of our process from ordering an appraisal to receiving your final report. We’ve created a seamless experience that combines the human expertise of our valuation experts and the efficiency of our technology.