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Broaden Your Horizons

As a leading provider of property valuations across the US, we are always looking to expand our panel of partners. We understand the crucial role our real estate professional partners play in the successful and timely submission of high-quality products. We are looking for real estate professionals to partner with and complete quality accurate valuation products utilizing the best technology in the industry to complete products including BPOs, CMAs, Property Condition Reports and Property Data Collection reports. 

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Diversify Your Income Stream

Partnering with Opteon can help open doors through our diverse array of products and clients. Your deep knowledge of the local markets and trends position you perfectly to provide accurate valuation services to our client partners.

What You Can Expect

Working with Opteon means you can expect timely payments for your completed projects. In addition, our dedicated and experienced staff is always ready to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have, providing real-time support and guidance. We understand that having a knowledgeable team by your side can make a world of difference.

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What We're Looking For

We are looking for real estate professional partners who uphold the highest standards of professionalism and prioritize customer satisfaction. Effective communication, respectful interactions with property owners, and a friendly demeanor are at the core of our service philosophy.

How to apply

Here are the steps to apply:

  1. Please fill out the form below.

  2. We will send you a link to sign up for JaroDesk.

  3. JaroDesk is our order management system. Be prepared to provide the following information:

    • Name

    • Company

    • Email

    • Office Phone

    • Mobile Phone

    • Do you have a Real Estate License?

    • What State and Counties do you cover?

    • To get paid, you will be asked to fill out personal information

  4. Once completed, we will review your information and provide further follow up if needed.

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