Opteon for Appraisers

Join the team forging a new path of innovation and excellence for appraisers.

Empowering Appraisers Across the Nation

As a leading provider of property appraisals across the US, we’re always looking to expand our team of talented appraiser staff, contractors, and trainees. We support, train, and empower our appraisers to perform at the highest level by giving them our tools, technology, and team to help you grow. By joining our team – either as a staff appraiser, contract appraiser, or appraiser-in-training – you’ll be given new business opportunities and learning opportunities to help you further your career.

Staff Appraisers

Join our team of staff appraiser at Opteon Appraisal and gain new opportunities to learn and grow with the support of our team.

Panel Appraisers

We welcome independent contractors to become a part of a panel of appraisers and expand your business opportunities.

Appraiser Trainee Program

We’re training the next generation of appraisers through our trainee program – Opteon U. Whether you’re new to the industry or looking for an opportunity to learn, we’ll give you the tools and training you need to succeed.

Why work with us?

Competitive Rates

Our rates are not only competitive, but you can also count on them to be consistent year-round.

Full Transparency

When you work with an appraiser-friendly management company like Opteon, what you see is what you get. We strive to keep open lines of communication, so there's no confusion.

Appraisal Technology

We brought on a technology partner to design a digital solution to streamline and automate the appraisal process where we can – making appraisals more efficient and faster than ever.

Get Paid 2X Monthly

Don’t wait 30, 60 or even 90 days to get paid. We provide consistent pay for the work you do, guaranteed.

Full Support

Working with us means no more angry customers or pressure to “hit” value. Working with Opteon means you also get full support from friendly, knowledgeable staff and review appraisers.

Training Programs

Through our training program, Opteon U, we’re teaching trainee appraisers across the nation and bringing seasoned appraisers up to date.

Hassle-Free Portal

Our portal is simple and straightforward with no complicated software, extra steps, or automated reviews. Accept, update, and upload your report all from one screen.

Performance Perks

Are you performing like a rock star but not being treated like one? After ensuring geographical competency, we give priority to our highest performing appraisers.

Experience Technology Designed to Support Appraisers

We aim to equip our appraisers with the best technology in the industry – which is why we brought on a technology partner to develop our own suite of appraisal technology.  Through our innovation and technology, we’ve created a world-class tech infrastructure that’s designed to deliver rapid turn-times and create a seamless, end-to-end experience for our appraisers and lenders.

  • Intelligent and customizable workflows
  • Detailed reporting and tracking
  • Underwriting tools
  • 200+ AI quality control checks
  • Lightning-fast processing and smart features
  • Help with CFPF and other compliance reporting
  • The leading order search function in the industry