Apex Appraisal Rebrands to Opteon: A New Chapter Begins

Apex Appraisal Service (Apex) has taken on the name of its international parent company, Opteon. Apex has changed its name to better reflect its global perspective and vision of bringing same-day appraisals to the U.S. with Opteon technology.  

The name change comes in the wake of other recent developments. Recently, Opteon acquired The William Fall Group and its related brands, Valuation Partners and Summit Valuation Solutions. This acquisition plays a key role in the strategic name change. Apex and Valuation Partners will be housed under Opteon AMC, Inc., while The William Fall Group and any future staff appraiser entities will be housed under Opteon Appraisal, Inc.   

All of these recent changes are due to Opteon’s ultimate goal for the American appraisal industry: same-day appraisals. Opteon is the largest independent property and valuation service provider in Australia and New Zealand. They’ve designed a process and system that delivers reliable same-day turn times with less than 1% rework. The company utilizes innovative technology that allows real estate appraisers to perform most of their duties on site. Apex and Opteon’s joint vision is to bring same-day appraisals to the American market with this innovative technology. Apex changing its name to Opteon is a natural extension of this goal. 

“I’m proud of the company and team we have built under the Apex name. However, in recent years we have set our gaze on new heights. We require a name that matches our vision of the future,” said Gabriel Hern, President of Apex. “Taking on the Opteon name demonstrates our commitment to innovation and growth.”  

Since its founding in 2005, Opteon has sought to be the largest and most innovative provider of valuation, advisory, and property services in the world. While Apex has operated as an extension of Opteon since 2019, the connection was noted with the name “Apex Powered by Opteon”. This rebranding better describes the relationship between Opteon and Apex as well as highlights Opteon’s global presence. 

“Apex has been a critical partner for Opteon as we customize and develop solutions for the U.S. Unifying our business under the Opteon brand clearly defines our relationship and shared goal,” said Chris Knight, Group CEO of Opteon. “In Australia and New Zealand, the name Opteon is synonymous with innovative property solutions. Soon, the Opteon name in the U.S. will have the same meaning.” Knight has moved to the U.S. to provide additional expertise and leadership as stepped changes are introduced in the market.  

Opteon’s cutting-edge technology aimed at dramatically decreasing turn times in the U.S. is currently in development. They are investing more than $15 million to customize existing systems and software to deliver faster appraisals. Three-to-five day turn-times are expected during beta-testing. As Opteon perfects this new framework, same-day turn-times will start to become available in select U.S. cities. Ultimately, this will be the standard across the U.S. 

As Apex transitions to the Opteon brand, customers should continue to expect industry-leading service, communication, and integrity.  Despite several internal changes, customers of Apex, The William Fall Group, Valuation Partners, and Summit Valuation Solutions will experience very little disruption and should continue ordering appraisals as usual. 

Items such as email addresses, the website, and other public-facing materials will be changing to the Opteon name over the course of the next few months.  As always, Apex and Opteon are committed to providing top-tier property solutions to customers.