Opteon Appraisal, Inc., Unveils Technology to Produce Same-Day Turn Times

Innovative technology introduced during two-day summit at Rosemont, IL office 

Chicago, IL March 15, 2022Opteon Appraisal, Inc., a staff appraiser valuation firm formerly known as Valucentric, is underway with their goal to bring same-day turn times through innovative technological solutions to the United States. On September 2, 2021, Opteon acquired Valucentric as a strategic step in their plan to revolutionize the appraisal industry in the United States. By bringing Valucentric under the Opteon brand, the firm’s staff appraisers will soon be able to roll out Opteon’s proprietary technology to select markets.

Opteon showcased their customized technology for a group of their staff appraisers in the Rosemont, Illinois office on Monday. Appraisers met with Maria Berto, National Director of Residential Operations based in Opteon’s Australian office, as she trained them to use this innovative technology. Opteon first unveiled these methods over ten years ago in Australia. The Australian and New Zealander Opteon teams now use this technology daily in their respective regions, where they have achieved same-day turn times.

“Our team has had great success with our technology. When combined with an efficient process, this technology gives appraisers tools and data at their fingertips that weren’t available previously,” said Berto. “We faced similar problems that the US real estate industry is facing now. Our technology addresses many of these issues. I’m excited to share our solutions with the US team.”

Following the tutorial, select staff appraisers were equipped with this disruptive technology to use in the field, to help improve it even further through beta-testing.

“Maria’s demonstration highlighted the reason Valucentric joined Opteon—to revolutionize the appraisal process in the US. Soon our beta-testers will be able to deliver appraisals from the appraiser in the field in real time. It’s remarkable to see in action,” said Leland Trice, Executive Vice President of Opteon Appraisal.

Unlike many companies in the space, Opteon’s purpose is to empower, rather than replace, appraisers. This approach was a key driver in Opteon’s decision to acquire Valucentric. As part of the Opteon brand, Valucentric’s 250+ staff appraisers are ideally positioned to utilize and optimize Opteon technology for the American appraisal industry.

“I often receive skepticism about same-day turn times in America. But after viewing our technology firsthand, opinions change very quickly. We’ve undergone the progression to same-day turn times in Australia and New Zealand and we will undoubtedly do so again in the States,” said Chris Knight, Group CEO of Opteon.

Following the pilot program, Opteon plans to roll out this technology to their team across the US. Already seeing these impressive turn times in other markets, the company is confident in its team’s ability to utilize the software to the fullest. Equipped with the right tools, process, and data, they expect to make their bold vision a reality in the near future.

Opteon clients can expect continued updates on this exciting project as it proceeds.

About Opteon

Opteon is an international provider of valuation, advisory, and property services through innovative software solutions. With the company’s recent expansion in America, Opteon has invested heavily in the customization of its diverse range of technology-driven solutions proven to reduce time, increase quality, and minimize human error without eliminating human expertise. Opteon was founded in 2005 and is recognized as the largest independent valuation professional services firm in Australia and New Zealand.


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