Apex appraisers now have access to virtual home inspection photos using Snapshot by Ascent


Phoenix, Ariz. – April 21, 2020 – Apex, a nationwide appraisal management and valuation advisory company in the U.S., has announced the implementation of Snapshot,

a new photo capture tool that provides appraisers and lenders a virtual view of a property with the help of homeowners.

“The concept behind Snapshot is something we’ve been exploring for a while,” said Gabriel Hern, Chief Executive Officer at Apex.  “The national emergency created by COVID-19 simply accelerated the implementation timeline,” added Hern. “Virtual appraisal solutions have always been a key component of our 2020 innovation strategy.”

Snapshot was developed by Ascent Valuation Management Software (Ascent), the leader in innovative appraisal management technology solutions.

“We designed Snapshot to be incredibly user-friendly,” said Gareth Borcherds, Chief Executive Officer at Ascent. “Users do not have to be tech savvy, professional photographers, or even know how to download an app,” Borcherds said.  “If you can open an email and have a camera on your phone, Snapshot will guide you through the rest.”

 The photo capture tool walks property occupants through simple and intuitive steps, with visual examples of how the images should be taken. To protect lenders and investors against fraud, Snapshot photos capture metadata including geolocation coordinates, a date and time stamp, and live image validation.

“All Apex customers will have access to Snapshot photos at no additional cost during the COVID-19 crisis,” said Hern. “The goal is to keep lending partners protected, while ensuring the safety of appraisers and homeowners.”

“We are grateful to Ascent for moving so quickly on a solution that helps support more accurate exterior and desktop appraisals during these unprecedented times,” said Greg Bernstein, Chief Operating Officer at Apex.

Although the company sees future applications for Snapshot, Apex has not lost sight of the promise made last year. “Our ultimate goal is to empower appraisers wherever they are,” said Bernstein. “Eventually the pandemic will be over, and we are still committed to launching a same-day appraisal inspection and reporting tool that appraisers can use to gather data, digitize property sketches, and finalize appraisal reports while in the field.”


About Apex: Apex is a leading real estate appraisal management company providing valuation and consulting services in all 50 U.S. states. The company has a proven track record of ensuring regulatory compliance at the highest level. Apex delivers advanced technology solutions with the personal touch of live customer support and hands-on appraisal reviews from quality experts. Lending partners working with Apex can expect unparalleled customer service, distinctive quality, unwavering integrity, and future innovation to help minimize appraisal-related issues within the loan process. www.apexone.com

About Ascent: Ascent is an innovative valuation management software company focused on streamlining the appraisal process through automation. Ascent’s management platform was uniquely built with input from AMC partners, lenders, appraisal desk managers, and independent appraisers. The result is an intuitive, user-friendly management system with automated process workflows, lender directive fail-safes, superior quality control checks, improved communication features, and much more. www.ascentdesk.com


Media Contacts:

Amber Reyna
Apex, Chief Customer Officer

Gareth Borcherds
Ascent, Chief Executive Officer
(760) 343-6567