In the Spotlight: Bill Kassaras

Bill Kassaras’ passion for the property sector runs deep, thanks in part to the influence of his family who influenced him to work in real estate.

Bill started his career as a real estate agent then moved on to a commercial property manager role. While he enjoyed his time in those positions, Bill realised he was particularly drawn to the knowledge side of the property market. He completed his Bachelor of Property Economics at the University of Technology, Sydney where he received an academic award presented to him by the API and has been a valuer since 2008.

“I once met a property professional who told me that if you work in real estate, property management and valuations you can do anything in property. It was great advice, and I’ve now done all three. That experience has paid dividends in terms of providing me with a well-rounded knowledge of the property industry,” said Bill.

Spotlight picture 1The art of valuing “just about anything”

In his current role as an Associate Director in Opteon’s Government Advisory team, Bill undertakes valuation engagements across commercial asset classes for governments at all levels and private clients. These are used for, but not limited to, accounting and financial reporting, acquisitions and disposals (including compulsory acquisitions), market rent, rental reviews and rental determinations, development valuations, statutory valuations and insurance purposes.

The asset classes he values typically can range to over the $100 million category and include industrial property, retail property, commercial property, special uses assets, residential and mixed use developments, easements and infrastructure assets. Some of the more unusual assets Bill has valued include marinas, parklands, ports, air space, bridges, golf courses, roads and telecommunication towers.

It is the variety of his work, combined with the professional satisfaction he has in providing quality valuation advice on major and complex projects, that Bill most enjoys about his work.

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Bill is regularly engaged to advise on potential valuation scenarios in residential subdivisions and mixed use developments. For example, he advised a local government on the existing and potential value of parkland that the council was considering rezoning to residential land. He has also advised on high profile projects including valuing a row of shops in Sydney along a proposed rail corridor, where the impartiality and accuracy of his advice has been crucial to many stakeholders.

Bill has been with Opteon for just over a year and has appreciated the benefits of working with a large company that invests in prop tech. As he says, “it’s nice to be part of a big team with a strong brand, and to benefit from technology that leads the market.”

Fighting fit

Outside of work, Bill loves following the UFC and boxing with his mates. While he’s a spectator at UFC fights, he’s no ‘couch potato’ because you can also find him in the gym.

Bill Kassaras Profile Picture

Bill Kassaras

Associate Director - Government Services

0499 479 146

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