Government, Community and Public Asset Valuation and Advisory

Helping Governments and their Agencies Invest in Our Communities

Determining the value of community and public assets is vital for financial reporting, or as you explore options for investing in or improving the community around you. Our team dedicates itself to helping you make informed decisions about your public assets and infrastructures including government buildings, educational/institutional complexes, roads, airports, air and subterranean rights, marinas, seabed, golf courses, railways, port complexes, and many other assets. With public and private sector property expertise and cutting-edge technology solutions, we can help you build, plan, and manage your community and public asset portfolios.

Our Coverage

We have a team of more than 500 local valuers providing coverage across 98% of Australia’s postcodes. Our experts have local knowledge of public and private sector assets to support community investments.

Our Technology

Our technology enhances the valuation process for everyone involved with customisable, automated workflows and centralised systems to access, manage, and deliver your reports.

Our Process

We integrate innovation into every step of our process from ordering a valuation to receiving your final report. Our seamless valuation experience combines the human expertise of our valuers and the efficiency of our technology.

Community and Public Asset Property Services

Our Community Asset Expertise

Government Buildings
Educational/Institutional Complexes
Ground Rentals for Marinas, Sea Beds, Golf Courses, Fixed Rail & Port Complexes
Air & Subterranean Rights
Specialised Freehold Rentals

Our Experts

Robert Tot

General Manager - Government & Advisory / General Manager – NZ

Chris Mitrothanasis

Senior Director – Government & Advisory (NSW, QLD, NT & WA)

Dan Hill

National Director- Specialised Real Estate

Stephen Davey

Senior Director

Will Reynolds

Director Technical Services

Bret Taylor

Managing Director

Duncan Cameron

Director - Specialised & Advisory

Glenn Boyd

Director Specialised & Advisory

Greg Mason

Director - Specialised & Advisory

Matt Morton

Director - Regional Commercial & Agribusiness

Penny Wilson

Director – Infrastructure and Advisory

Ray Codalonga

Director - Specialised & Advisory

Tom Kennedy

Director - Government & Advisory

Vincent Graham


Bill Kassaras

Associate Director

Bill Wright

Associate Director

Kylie Pryse-Jones

Associate Director

Mark Garroway

Associate Director - Government and Advisory

Chris Star

Senior Valuer

Kirsten Hennessy

Certified Practising Valuer

May Tan

Certified Practising Valuer

Stephen Smyth

Certified Practising Valuer

William Dean

Managing Valuer

Martin Tremain


Stuart Prowse