Hospitality Property Valuation and Advisory

Elevating the Experience of Hospitality Valuation Services

Uncover the true value of your hospitality property with Opteon. Our valuers understand the operating dynamics, economic challenges, regulatory and compliance responsibilities, and market drivers across the industry and deliver accurate valuations by leveraging their knowledge of the local markets. Just as you aim to elevate the experience for your guests, we aim to elevate your experience with us by delivering unmatched hospitality valuation and advisory services.

Our Coverage

We have a team of more than 500 local valuers providing coverage across 98% of Australia’s postcodes. Our experts have local knowledge in metropolitan to rural areas and expertise with a wide range of hospitality properties.

Our Technology

Our technology enhances the valuation process for everyone involved with customisable, automated workflows and centralised systems to access, manage, and deliver your reports.

Our Process

We integrate innovation into every step of our process from ordering a valuation to receiving your final report. Our seamless valuation experience combines the human expertise of our valuers and the efficiency of our technology.

Our Hospitality Property Services

Our Hospitality Property Expertise

Entertainment venues
Tourist Park/Caravan
Back Packers/Hostel
Licensed Venues

Will Reynolds

Director Technical Services

Doug Shorten

Head of Department- Social Infrastructure

Ryan Danaher

Head of Department- Alternate Investments

Ben Farquhar

Director - Core Commercial

Daniel Sander

Director - Commercial

Duncan Cameron

Director - Specialised & Advisory

John O'Grady [C]

Director - Specialised and Advisory

Joshua Fulton

Director - Specialised and Advisory

Julian Nichols

Director - Specialised & Advisory

Mark Quinn

Director - Specialised & Advisory

Matt Morton

Director - Regional Commercial & Agribusiness

Ray Codalonga

Director - Specialised & Advisory

Stephen Incerti

Director - Regional Commercial & Agribusiness

Brian Walsh

Associate Director

Hayden Mcleod

Senior Valuer

Ian Britton

Senior Certified Property Valuer

Ian O'Shea

Senior Valuer - Commercial Specialist

Mark Baxter

Senior Valuer

Mark Youngman

Senior Valuer

Mathew Kulkewycz

Senior Quantity Surveyor

William Sutherland

Senior Valuer

Alex Dickinson

Valuer Specialised & Advisory

Daniel Ackroyd

Certified Practising Valuer

David Moore [C]

Valuer Specialised & Advisory

Eva Schmidt

Certified Practising Valuer

Bret Taylor

Managing Director

Nick Walls

Managing Partner

David McKenzie


Greg Mason

Director - Specialised & Advisory

Martin Tremain


Stuart Prowse


William Read


Simon Toyer

Operations Manager